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Fleet Motorglass offers a wide range of vehicle glass repairs for people living in Milton Keynes, Bedford and the surrounding areas. They offer windscreen replacement and repair for various kinds of vehicles.
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Since 1995, Fleet Motorglass has been providing an exceptional service for people looking for windscreen repairs and windscreen replacements for their vehicles in Luton and Stevenage. We are a truly 24 hour service and are happy to receive calls at any time any day of the week. We know it can be inconvenient at best when damage occurs to your car and so we do our utmost to complete a job quickly and efficiently.

Chipped Windscreen in Luton and Stevenage

In certain circumstances, the impact from a stray stone or rock can result in chipped windscreen in Stevenage and Luton. This kind of a chip can quickly expand and lead to the formation of a considerably larger crack. In the event of such a formation, one should immediately

Offering Car Windscreen Repairs

Our team are all fully trained to complete insurance paperwork on your behalf and always aim to do the very best job possible whenever called out. Fleet Motorglass technicians use the most up to date tools and methods when working on your vehicle and we are always meticulous in our work. It is our policy never to finish a job until you are completely satisfied with the work carried out on your vehicle. We are confident you will not find better value for money from any other firm for glass repairs or car windscreen repair in Luton and Stevenage.


24 Hour On The Road Repairs

Chips to windscreens can be caused by stones in the road kicked up from other motorists. A large enough chip will result in an MOT failure so it is always best to be cautious and mend the problem as soon as possible.

Our free mobile windscreen repairs service is available at all times of the day so you can deal with the problem as soon as it arises without having to worry.

New Windscreens Held In Stock For You

If a chip has developed into a crack this will affect the strength and integrity of the glass. In these situations repair will not be an option. We have been providing windscreen replacements for many years to customers in Luton and Stevenage as we have a large selection of new windscreens in stock.

For car windscreen replacements or repairs of vehicle glass for vans and lorries call Fleet Motorglass now for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Automotive Glass Repair

We provide American Automobile Glass Repair and Replacement Services as Well

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