5 Reasons to get your Windscreen Chip Repaired

5 Reasons to get your Windscreen Chip Repaired


  1. To maintain windscreen strength and integrity 


Windscreen chips can turn into cracks over time, which weakens the windscreen and makes it more susceptible to breaking. By repairing the chip early on, you can avoid having to replace the entire windscreen down the line.


Even small chips or cracks which are left un-repaired can affect the drivers line of vision and can in turn cause a car to fail its MOT. Considering how quickly and easily a repair or replacement is to implement and the low repair cost, it’s well worth keeping your vehicle’s structural integrity in line by booking a 30 minute car windscreen replacement or repair.   


  1. To improve windscreen visibility 


Windscreen chips can obstruct your view while driving, which is obviously a safety hazard. By getting the chip repaired, you can ensure that your windscreen is clear and free of any obstacles.


  1. To prevent further damage 


If a windscreen chip is left unrepaired, it is more likely to spread and cause further damage to the windscreen. By getting it repaired promptly, you can avoid having to pay for more extensive windscreen damage down the road.


  1. To save money 


Windscreen chip repairs are typically much cheaper than windscreen replacements. So, if you can get the chip repaired before it turns into a crack, you’ll save yourself some money in the long run.


  1. For peace of mind 


Knowing that your windscreen is in good condition can give you peace of mind while driving. If you have a chip in your windscreen, repairing it will help you feel confident and safe on the road.


We hope that after reading the list, you now realise how vitally important it is to repair or replace your windscreen when you have even a minor chip on it. Insurance companies will often offer replacement windscreen cover, although it obviously depends on what is in the contract of your personal policy, although many prefer to fund the repair themselves as the price of a windscreen repair is often negligible. 


Please contact Fleet Motorglass today and let us help you rid your car windscreen of it’s chip, and get you driving around safely again.


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