6 Ways to Protect your Windscreen in Winter

6 Ways to Protect your Windscreen in Winter


  1. Invest in a good quality windscreen cover. This will help to protect your windscreen from the elements and prevent it from freezing over. Reversible/double-sided windscreen covers are favoured by many as they can easily be turned over if one side has been affected by the elements. 


  1. Park your car in a sheltered spot. If you can, park your car in a garage or under a tree. This will help to protect your windscreen from the wind and the rain. Ideally, park your car in a garage or under cover if possible. This will help to protect your windscreen from the worst of the weather.


As a side note, please make sure you clear any snow or ice from your car windscreen before you set off on a journey. This will help improve visibility and prevent the windscreen from being damaged by debris.


  1. Use a windscreen protector. There are various products on the market that you can use to  protect your windscreen from the cold. These include windscreen covers, wind deflectors, and windscreen wipers.


You can also utilise one of the many side mirror covers now available on the market, to ensure that the side mirrors are also protected from frost and ice. 


  1. Keep your windscreen clean to protect your car in the winter months, as a build-up of dirt and grime can make it harder for your windscreen to repel water, which can lead to it freezing over.


If you do find your windscreen has frozen over, do not pour boiling water on it. This can crack the windscreen. Instead, use a windscreen scraper or de-icer to remove the ice.


  1. De-ice your windscreen before you set off. If your windscreen is frozen, you will encounter great difficulty and won’t be able to see where you’re going. Use a scraper to remove any ice that has formed on your car windshield, and then pour hot water over the windscreen to melt any remaining ice and prevent the ice from damaging your car.


Use a windscreen spray that contains anti-freeze. This can operate as a frost protector as such, protecting your windscreen from frost and ice. This will help to prevent your windscreen from freezing over, keeping it frost-free, and will also make it easier to remove any ice or snow that does build up.


You could also apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your windscreen before you go to bed. This will create a barrier that will help to prevent frost from forming overnight.


  1. Drive carefully! In winter weather conditions, it’s important to take extra care when driving. This means driving at a slower speed, increasing the distance between you and the car in front, and being extra vigilant for ice and snow on the road. 


We hope that this brief rundown of the best ways to protect your windscreen in winter will help you to avoid an expensive and potentially nightmare-invoking situation. Please have a look around our website for more insightful car, chip and dent ideas and services If you ever do get yourself in such a situation, the expert team at Fleet Motorglass is always here to help you get out of it. 


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