Cleaning your car | How to get that streak-free look

The pragmatic approach to any given procedure always helps produce the best results, following these same principles, the entirety of your car will be spotless! Including your windscreen, interior and tyres. Here are the steps which help you in easing your job.

Glass Cleaning

There are a couple of important steps you need to ensure before using the liquid for cleaning, first, is making sure you have your windscreen repaired. You don’t want any liquid leaking in through the cracks and holes in your windscreen. The other step is that you need to wipe the car with a dry cloth, this makes cleaning much easier. Then take a hose pipe and rinse the external surface fully. Let it soak for about 15 to 20 minutes. This softens any hard dirt that has deposited on your car surface.

  1. Take a bucket of water and add 1:2 ratios of salt and baking soda. Stir well. Dip a sponge in the mix and wipe your car window’s surface completely. You can also clean the body of the car with this method.
  2. Use denatured alcohol to remove tar, hard dirt and other forms of debris on the external surface.
  3. Now add two cups of car cleaning liquid with one cup of vinegar and one cup of liquid soap into a bucket of water. Take a mug and sprinkle the mix on your car surface. Let it soak your car for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then use a clean wet cloth to wipe off.
  4. Now you can use a cloth to start to shine your squeaky-clean windows. Window cleaner can be useful here, but ensure you always work in circular motions so as not to leave big streaks. You can use an ear cleaning bud to remove the dirt below the windshield gasket. Lift the wiper up and wipe the windshield with a dry cloth or tissue paper. Spray a chemical free cleaning liquid uniformly all over the windshield. Wipe with a clean cotton cloth.
  5. You can follow similar procedure for cleaning the rest of the windows and back glass
  6. Enjoy your beautiful-looking car windows!

Bonus Internal Cleaning Help

Start with vacuuming of dust and debris from the interiors of your car. Door panel, fabrics, center console, carpets, panels and appliance parts have to be cleaned separately. After vacuuming you can use a spray cleaner and wipe the parts individually. If you find any worn out parts, you try to restore its original condition by buffing. This restores the shine and brightness of that part.

  • Appliance parts are subject to frequent wearing, especially the accelerator, brakes, and gear. Use a car wax to restore the shine after the cleaning part is over. You could use this wax on door panels, center console, and panels also. You need to let it dry for about 10 minutes and wipe with tissue paper.
  • Carpets and fabrics need to be washed with detergents after vacuuming. Take out the carpet and rinse it in detergent water for about 30 minutes before brushing and drying.
  • Before replacing the carpet you need to vacuum and wipe the car floor. Use a freshener liquid for wiping the floor.

The Cherry on Top: Tyre cleaning

A water hose is the best tool for cleaning your car and wheels. Then you can polish them off as you dry them with a spare rag, and apply a tyre shine spray. This spray protects your car tyre from UV radiation and rain.

Looking for a more visual representation? Check out this neat video showing you some other brilliant techniques to get that perfect shine on your car windows!

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