Considering Window Tinting for Your Car?

When you think about window tinting you may imagine that it’s only for celebrities and footballers but in the 21st Century anyone can have tinted windows if they wish. Whether you’re a businessman or women looking to add that bit of class to your car or a parent just looking for that extra level or protection for your family, you may want to consider window tints.

Window tinting really can be very beneficial for you and your vehicles and here’s why:

• It can add value and enhance your car’s image.
• A major advantage is that it heightens security for your vehicle, it discourages break ins as the tint holds any shattered glass in one place. It also reduces the risk of people attempting ‘smash and grabs’ because the tints make it harder to see if there are any valuables in your car.
• Window tints also provide an extra level of privacy for you and your passengers, preventing people from being able to see into your car.
• Another big advantage to window tints is the way they can very efficiently reduce glare from sun or bright lights. This also protect any children or pets from harmful sunlight, blocking 99% of UV rays.
• The tints can also work as a heat rejection, helping to keep your car cooler in the hot weather.

If you would like any more information on window replacement or if you’re considering window tints for your car be sure to make Fleet Motorglass your first port of call. We are always on hand to offer any advice or information you may need.

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