Does Windscreen Repair Count as a Claim?

Windscreen repair is a misunderstood area of motor vehicle ownership. Depending on your insurance policy, you may or may not need to pay to have your windscreen repaired or replaced. This article examines whether windscreen repair counts as an insurance claim, as well as summarizing your options.

Windscreen damage can happen anywhere, at any time. Your car could be in the driveway when a gritter truck passes. Windscreen damage can happen when you are on the road and another vehicle kicks up a stone. It can happen through vandalism, or through sheer bad luck. However it happens, you need a windscreen repair or replacement service that works for you, not against you. You also need guidance on insurance. Does your windscreen repair constitute an insurance claim? Let’s find out.

Understanding Windscreen Repair – Is It an Insurance Claim?

The short answer is yes, a chip in your windscreen counts as an insurance claim. The facts are that your car has suffered damage and the damage needs to be repaired as a matter of safety. This constitutes an insurance claim. However, you have options within this.

What Are Your Windscreen Repair Options?

All garages will actively encourage you to repair the damage to the windscreen. If left alone, the chip could spilt and escalate the problem. If this happens, you won’t need a windscreen repair, you will need a full windscreen replacement. For this reason, most insurance firms offer an option for windscreen cover if you take out a comprehensive insurance policy.

If you check your insurance documents, you may find your fully comp insurance policy includes windscreen repair cover so you can get your windscreen repaired for free. In this case, all you need to do is call your insurer and have them take care of it. Big brand insurance companies work with installers to ally and serve their customers. They form deals wherein they charge each other less if they share the custom. This means the big insurers and the big windscreen repair companies are both in pocket, usually at your expense. Why? Because now you have made a claim on your insurance, and they can raise the prices the following year to reflect this. Not all insurers operate this way, so check the terms and conditions of your policy carefully before you use insurance to pay for a cracked or chipped windshield.

How to Have a Windscreen Repaired Without Insurance?

The simplest option is therefore to have your windscreen repaired by an independent company. A mobile windscreen replacement service allows you to call out a windscreen specialist to your home. They can assess the damage and use the unique glass resin solution to make the repair. Afterwards, you will pay a small fee for the work. Your claim history remains unblemished. Your windscreen is repaired. Lastly, you don’t face rising insurance fees in the following years from a small chip.

Where to Find a Windscreen Repair Company Online?

You can user our mobile windscreen replacement service is you live in the Milton Keynes or Leighton Buzzard areas. We can travel to you, so you have a fuss-free windscreen repair service. Contact us today to book your repair or browse our gallery to see the high quality of work we offer.

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