Everything You Need to Know about Windscreen Cover for Your Car

Despite their strong and resilient build, windscreens are susceptible to chips and cracks. This is becoming more and more common on today’s busy roads where roads are being worn down and grit can be flung up by speeding vehicles.

There are many ways in which your windscreen could get damaged, including a combination of a cold windscreen and warm heaters weakening glass, and rocks and stones being flung off bridges onto the motorway below. These can cause small chips and cracks, or even shatter windscreens completely in worst cases.

Unfortunately, even those small chips and cracks can develop into much bigger problems if they’re not seen to. If you’re really unlucky, more serious impacts can also leave you needing to replace the whole windscreen. Normally windscreens can be repaired if the problem is not within 6cm of the edge of the glass and the damage is no wider than 28mm. However, if the damage is within the 30cm vertical band in front of the driver, it can be no bigger than 10mm.

Windscreen claims are one of the most common claims insurance companies deal with, and some drivers just assume that their policy will cover any windscreen damage. However, this isn’t always the case! This article hopes to clear up any confusion surrounding windscreen insurance, so you can rest easy knowing that, if your windscreen is damaged, you’ll be covered.

What is Windscreen Cover?

Quite simply, windscreen cover will insure your windscreen against any damage. Whilst all car insurance policies will cover the windscreen in the same way they cover the whole car, not having specific windscreen cover will leave you liable to pay the full excess in the event of a claim. You might also risk losing your no claims bonus.

Windscreen cover will allow you to recover the cost of repairing or replacing your car’s windscreen. It also covers the ride windows and rear window if they get damaged too. Some policies may even cover any damage to the paintwork caused by broken glass.

What is Windscreen Cover on Car Insurance?

It’s important to make sure that your car insurance actually has windscreen cover, as not all policies will. Reading through all your insurance documents is important so you know what you are and aren’t covered for. Don’t even make any assumptions, as you might end up paying a lot of money for a windscreen repair or replacement as a consequence.

The same goes for van drivers. Although windscreen cover is included in most fully comprehensive van insurance policies, it always pays to double check.

What is Windscreen Cover Excess?

The excess you’ll have to pay if you claim through specific windscreen insurance is normally lower than the standard excess. Most importantly, claiming for windscreen damage usually won’t impact on your no claims bonus.

Normally, the insurance company won’t charge an excess to repair any chips or cracks, but if you need to replace the windscreen they’ll charge a windscreen replacement excess. You should also make sure you deal with any damage to your windscreen as quickly as possible because not doing so can mean the damage worsens, or might invalidate your ability to claim for it on your insurance.

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