How Long Does Window Tinting Last?

Vehicle window tinting is a process where a thin and transparent film is applied to the inside of the vehicle window. Apart from looking cool, it has a number of other benefits. It can provide good filtering of the direct sunlight from entering your vehicle, this, in turn, will not only naturally keeps your car cooler during the hotter weather but also protect vehicle interior furnishings, upholstery, dashboard from fading and discolouration. 

Benefits Of Window Tinting

1. Protection against harmful ultraviolet rays

There are days when the sun is hot yet you have to drive. These sun rays also lead to fading or cracking of your car’s interior. The window tint will protect the driver and the interior of your car.

2. Glare reduction

As a driver, you are protected against the direct sunlight that causes headaches and affects your visibility. As the direct sunlight hits your eyes while behind the wheel, you find yourself squinting or pulling your window visor which affects your visibility further. Window tinting reduces all these.

3. Increased comfort for the drivers

Because tinting deflects the ultraviolet rays, the interior of the car remains cool and comfortable for the driver. You save a lot by not relying on the car air-con for cooling the car. 

4. Enhanced Privacy

Car window tinting ensures that people don’t see what is in the car and therefore reduces the temptations of breaking into when your car is unattended. 

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How long does window tinting last?

Window tints also wear out just like any other car part. It, therefore, demands replacement after it has faded out. However, this wear and tear is dependent on various factors.

1.Quality of the Film

In most cases, the higher the quality of the film, the higher the price. There are a number of cheap dyed films that start fading a few months after installation. As long as these cheap films are exposed to direct sunlight (which is inevitable on hot days), they lose their cool and fade out fast. Quality films last longer, a couple of years when exposed to the normal climatic conditions. There are hybrid types that will go for years without demanding your attention to replace them while the sputtered types can even last for a decade or more.

2. Type of film used

There are a variety of durable window tint films that you can choose from. There are dyed window tints that are not durable and effective as such; metallized window tints that are effective in reducing the heat and glare but generally durable; and the hybrid window tint that is durable too. So, go for the best quality that may cost a higher price but not subjected to constant replacements.

3.Quality of installation

Professional window tint installation will enhance the lifespan of your tint. If you use an amateur installer, they will not care about the bubbles and color shifting of the tints during installation. While bubbles result from poor film quality, it is also determined by the skill of installation. The air trapped between the window glass and the tint affects the lifespan of the film. Cheap films are known to trap air bubbles, but get a professional installer to do the job for you. If the colour shifting happens. The film will start turning purple and as soon as you notice this, replace it immediately. 

4. The window cleaner used

Cleaners that contain ammonia are not friendly to the window tints. This means that if you regularly clean your tinted car windows with cleaners that have ammonia, then you are drastically reducing the tint’s lifespan. Use appropriate cleaning products that do not contain ammonia and your window tint will be safe and last longer.

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