How to change windscreen wipers | DIY step by step guide

Looking after your car is what we’re here to help with – and over time, your windscreen wipers can wear out as the rubber on them begins to tarnish, meaning they won’t do as good a job at clearing your windscreen as they should do. This is especially important if you live in a country like the UK where, let’s face it, your windscreen wipers are going to be getting a lot of usage. This article aims to explain, step-by-step, how to replace your windscreen wipers.

How will you know if your blades need replacing?

To find out whether or not you need to replace your windscreen wipers, pull them away from the screen until they’re in a vertical position. If it looks like the rubber of the blade is coming away from the rest of the mechanism, or it seems worn, it’s a good time to buy some new blades.

Sometimes, in hot climates, the rubber on the blades can crack as well, so keep an eye out for this too. The easiest way to check, however, is to pay attention to the windscreen wipers the next time it rains. If they’re leaving streaks of water across the windshield, then it means the rubber has lost its grip, and the blades need replacing.

Knowing which new blades to buy

When you replace your windscreen wipers, you’re actually only replacing the rubber blade which wipes the windshield. This is the part which gets worn out after being rubbed across the windshield repeatedly.

To buy new blades, measure the old ones and go to an auto parts shop to purchase new blades. Alternatively, many auto parts stores will know the type of blades you need if you provide the make and model of your car along with the year of its manufacture.

Step 1: Separating the blades from the windscreen wiper arms

Pull the entire assembly away from the windscreen until both windscreen wipers are in a vertical position, just like you did to check whether they need replacing or not. Then, turn the blade so it’s perpendicular to the arm, and this will reveal the hinge.

Car windscreen wipers at right angle to windscreen

You’ll notice there’s a small tab on one side of the hinge, and pulling this will release the blade from the arm. Some wipers may have button to press, instead of a tab to pull. Once you’ve done this, the blade should come away from the arm quite easily.

attaching windscreen blade straight on angle

It’s a good idea to lay something like a towel over your windscreen whilst you’re doing this, just in case the arms snap back and hit the windscreen. This could damage it, and you don’t want that!

Step 2: Attaching the new blades

Now the old blades have been removed, it’s time to attach the new ones. This essentially means doing the step above, but in reverse. So, take your new blades and slide them into the same end of the arm that you pulled the old blade out of.

attaching windscreen blade diagonal angle

Then, gently pivot the blade until you hear the hook click into place. This means the new blade is now secure. You can now lay the wiper back against the windshield gently. Repeat this process for the other arm, and you’re done!

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