How to clean windscreen wipers

In general and for safe driving, windscreen wipers are a crucial part of our cars. They help to maintain a clear view through the car’s windscreen making it one of the most important safe driving tools. If the windscreen wiper is dirty, it will create a smear on the windscreen, thereby reducing our ability to see through the screen. Also, if small pieces of grit get trapped under the blades of the wiper, it can easily result in the scratching on the windscreen. This makes it even more unsafe to drive having to use the same windscreen. During dusty conditions, snowfall, sunstroke or heavy rain, the visibility through the screen is reduced due to blurry light through the screen. This is a sign that the windscreen has a dirty glass. Therefore, you’ll need to be regularly cleaning your windscreen to ensure safety while driving.

You can do it yourself using the following guide:

What you need

The following are needed for cleaning your windscreen wipers:

• Clean rags or paper towels

You’ll need a few of these. Steel Wool should be avoided at all costs as it can cause damage to the glass of the windscreen.

• Hot soapy water or window cleaner(washer cleaner)

• Rubbing Alcohol

gloves holding windscreen wipers

The Process of Cleaning

1. Ensure the rest of the Car is Clean

After you’ve assembled all the products you need for cleaning, ensure that the rest of the car is also clean. If it isn’t, you’ll need to wash at least the windscreen and remove the dirt and all debris that are stuck on it by rinsing it off. You may use a soft brush or cloth and a garden hose to do this.

2. Position the Wipers for Cleaning

For easy washing of the wipers, ensure you gently lift from the glass of the windscreen and place them in a position that would make it easy for you to clean the blades.

3. Begin the Cleaning

Onto the paper towel, apply some amount of hot soapy water or washer fluid. As you hold it in the most desirable position for you, use the paper towel to wipe the blade back and forth from one end a number of times until you can’t see the towel getting coloured. Therefore, you’ll keep discarding the towel while cleaning and repeat the process of wiping the blade.

4. Check and Wash the Hinged Areas of the Wiper

To ensure a smooth fluid flow the hinged areas of the wiper should be washed with the hot soapy water in order to get rid of all the debris.

5. Remove the Soapy Film

Using the rubbing alcohol, remove the residues and soapy films left on the rubber. Then, confirm that there are no streaks on the wipers and are able to move in all the required directions.

Because dry dirt on the windscreen can cause damage to the windscreen, the windscreen wipers require regular cleaning. The wiper’s rubber blades will, however, need replacement when they get worn out. Exposure to the sun causes them to be brittle and hard which is why they should be replaced and not cleaned when they’ve been used for long periods.

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