How To Keep Your Windscreen In Good Condition In Winter?

De-Ice Safely

De-icing is something you are likely going to need to do most winter mornings, especially if the frost has set in heavily overnight. That’s because you need maximum visibility for safety on the roads. Therefore, always make sure to safely de-ice your windscreen with a scraper first, and then make sure to use a purpose-made can of de-icer. Never use hot or warm water, or a scraper that’s not built for the job!

Keep Things Clean

Cleaning your windscreen, naturally, is a must all year round. In winter conditions, however, your routine is likely to change a little.

You must make sure that you change your windscreen washout for something that’s high quality and well regarded. Otherwise, you’re going to risk poor visibility, and this is going to end up making things pretty risky from trip to trip.

Beyond this, you should also make sure to take care of dirt and marks on the inside of your windscreen, too. Make sure to clean up condensation carefully, and to get rid of that nasty, nuisance film which can make things even harder for you to see in the deep freeze.

Dealing with Windscreen Cracks

One of the most annoying things to handle regarding your windscreen in winter is, of course, chips and cracks. It is advisable Windscreen cracks are dealt with as soon as possible, as otherwise, they are going to end up causing potentially serious damage – leaving you out of pocket on a whole new sheet of glass, for example.

Never leave a chip or crack to persist. It’s easy to assume that a little chip isn’t going to do much in the long run, but give it an inch, and you will soon have a mile. Get your car into the service centre as soon as you can.

Be Vigilant

As with all parts of your car during winter, you should generally make sure that you are extra vigilant. Your vehicle is going to be working harder than ever in the cold. Looking after your windscreen in winter may be as simple as keeping it clean and reporting problems ASAP. However, do also make sure you are topped up on wiper fluid, and that you give your wipers a good check over, too.

Replacing Windscreen Wipers

The freeze isn’t always fun to drive in, but at least it’s only temporary. Take our tips in mind, and you’ll find looking after your windscreen to be a breeze.

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