How to Prepare your Car for the Winter Months

Winter has definitely arrived, we’re all digging out our thick socks, woolly jumpers and our winter coats and boots in preparation for the adverse weather conditions we are sure to witness again this season. But what about your car? Is your car ready for winter too? No? Well follow these simple steps and ensure that it’s winter ready and road safe:

1. Check Your Tyres:

Now is the ideal time to check all your tyres, including the spare and ensure they’re all fully inflated. It’s also a good time to check the tread, during the icy winter months you need as much grip as you can get so replace your tyres if the tread is getting low. If you can afford it, you could get yourself a set of winter tyres, they’re made of different rubber to normal tyres meaning they don’t lose their flexibility in the cold weather. They also provide you with plenty of grip and reduces your stopping distance.

2. Check Your Lights

With the dark mornings and evenings, not to mention all the fog, you’re lights will get a lot of use this time of year so it’s important to regularly check them and ensure they’re all working and also that they’re all clean and visible to other road users.

3. Check Your Windscreen

We’ve all seen the adverts on the TV but it really is essential to check the glass in your windscreen is intact as well as all your windows. If you spot a chip or crack you should get it sorted straight away. On a cold, frosty morning you need only hit a pot hole or thaw your car out too quickly and it could turn that little chip into a big crack, rendering your car unusable. So get your windows checked and repaired if needed.

4. Stock Your Car

Being stranded at the best of times is a horrible experience but being stuck at the side of the road or in the snow in the middle of winter can be pretty hazardous so make sure you’re prepared just in case. You should carry these essential supplies in your car:
– A blanket and an extra jacket
– Small shovel and some chains in case you get stuck in the snow
– A torch
– An ice scraper
– A first aid kit and a couple of energy bars

Here at Fleet Motorglass we’re always on hand to carry out windscreen repairs in Bedford at a convenient time and place to suit you. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

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