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When it comes to washing your car, most of us usually would do one of two things: pop down to the nearest car wash, or (if you like to shine your baby yourself), grab a bucket and cloth and get to work.

These are really the only two options most of us think of naturally, but… have you ever sat to think about the amount of water that goes to waste when washing your car? Probably not!

But now that you think of it, both of the car-washing methods above are pretty wasteful when it comes to water consumption. And in a climate when being more aware of what we use and the resources we use (and waste), it was only a matter of time before someone decided to address the way we wash our cars.

Why Eco-Friendly Ways are the Best Way to Wash Your Car

You may not have considered making washing your eco-friendly as a priority, but it can really save you some

cleaning car in an eco friendly way with minimal water

pennies. Plus, there are some super simple changes you can make today if you already hand-wash your car. So why not give it a go?

There are a few simple ways you can make washing your car more eco-friendly and we’ve put together a list of the top things you can do to not only help save the environment, but save you a bit of money too!

Think Green While Washing your Car

While washing your cars at home, make sure you use biodegradable soap specially made for washing automotive parts, for instance Green’s Car Wash and Gliptone’s Wash ‘N Glow are two great products.

Alternatively, you can make an artificial biodegradable chemical yourself for a cheaper option using a good squirt of liquid dish washing detergent and a healthy dollop of powdered laundry detergent, mixed with just enough water to fully dissolve the powder (minimising your water usage too).

These products should be free from chlorine, phosphate and petroleum. It’s best for exterior car surfaces and should be done ideally on flat ground to allow neutralization of harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Use Water-less Car Washing Products

This involves the use of sprays which are wiped using a piece of cloth from the surface. They best suit small cleaning jobs, but you can clean your whole car using these, and save your car’s water consumption completely! Freedom Water-less Car Wash is one highly recommended spray for this work.

Another great water-less car cleaning product is Eco Touch, which is made from a blend of non-toxic and earth friendly cleaning agents. It’s said to save 8.3 million liters of water and approximately 80K euros annually. When the car wash is sprayed on any vehicle, it’s surfactants (compounds that lower the surface tension) lift dirt from the car’s surface while polymers in it leave a smooth new look on the paint work. So you can save the environment, save a few bucks on your regular car washes, and get a nice shine too!

Green Home-made Car Wash Solutions

You can also make a cheap, homemade solution to clean your car’s exterior in a green , eco-friendly way. All you need is:

Combine a sixth cupful of vinegar with half a gallon of water followed by one tablespoon of mild soap. Wash an area that you can rinse off before the soap dries for best results. This recipe is useful for lots of materials including chrome, plastic, glass, vinyl and rubber. Use a soft bristle brush for tires.

Ensure you don’t leave hose pipe water running while washing of course, and to minimise the rinsing water you use, you can put the hose on a drip while you rinse and wipe down the surface with a wet clean sponge. This also keeps the car drier, ready for polishing. Use a lint free cloth to dry and polish the vehicle after cleaning.

Green Interior Cleaning

For interior parts, use liquid saddle soap to clean leather. Avoid solvents or alcohol to prevent leather from cracking. In addition, glycerin based saddle soap not only cleans the leather but also conditions it.

While cleaning the car’s cloth upholstery and carpeting, you can use battery powered VAC to prevent dirt, sand, grit and dirty water from settling. This prevents dirt marks from forming on car carpets and cloth made parts.

We hope these green tips ill help you clean your car in a more eco-friendly way, and make you think about some of the other ways you could save money and reduce your resource usage at home. If you liked our tips, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

This article was written by the auto experts at Fleet Motorglass, who offer fast and affordable windscreen repairs and replacements in the Beds and Bucks areas.  

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