What is the Best Window Tinting Film for Cars?

Thinking about changing the look of your car windows? It might be time to start looking into car window tinting. Tinting your windows is quick, easy, affordable, and painless. All it takes is some fantastic window tint film – and the best window film company working by your side – to get the best looks and window protection standards you are looking for.

But what are the best types of car window tinting film out there? What purposes do they serve? Is window tint film the best choice for you when it comes to changing the look of your car, as well as protecting it against the worst-case scenarios? Let’s take a close look at some popular window film and window tinting options available from our team right now.

2 men apply window tint to a car window

Metallic Window Tinting

Metallic window film is fantastic for blocking out the sun, including harmful UV rays. What’s more, as it bounces heat off your windows, it will help to keep your car nice and cool during the warmer drives you might make during the summer. These options can be a little premium rate than others, however, you get years of durability and style in the bargain.

Dyed Window Films

Dyed window tinting can be just as dark as metallic tints; however, they are often more affordable. Some people may even feel that these film options are a little more cost-effective, too. However, the metallic film tends to be more durable.

Dyed window film systems will also block out sunlight and will reduce the amount of glare that travels into your car. This is always going to be a great choice if you are likely to drive around in the blazing sunshine.

Hybrid Window Tinting

If you’re really not sure what you need from car window tinting, a hybrid option will likely give you the best of all worlds. Hybrid window film combines the best bits of dyed films and metallic tints into one simple package. Some feel that this option offers the most protection, and what’s more, there is zero chance of any kind of interference, which some people may find with cheaper film options.

Crucially, hybrid window film is more affordable than metallic options, making it a great mid-range choice. It’s likely to be a safe bet for those who are really unsure what to look for, as well as those who know what they need from car window films and tints.

Why Choose a Leading Car Window Film Company?

Fitting car window films yourself is never a good idea. Air bubbles can form in dyed film, for example, which may result in you losing out on some of the benefits of the film in the first place. Make sure to set up a plan of action with a leading film provider and installer. They will be happy to help you find the perfect look, as well as help you to set up your film so that it proves to be durable for years to come. Aka us! Here at Fleet MotorGlass, we offer a great window tinting service, if you would like to find out more, give us a call on 0800 232424 or visit our contact page for more details.

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