What To Do If Your Windscreen is Serverly Damaged?

It is one of those things that UK drivers all dread: a windscreen becoming badly damaged. A broken windscreen is a major inconvenience that everyone wants to avoid. But, if it does happen to you it’s best to know what to do.

Windscreen repairs are very important. Not only because they can directly affect your driving ability but a damaged windscreen can be illegal to drive around with. You must understand driving with a damaged windscreen carries safety and legal risks.

Safety Risks

Windscreens act as a barrier from the weather while still allowing you essential visibility. However, if they become cracked or chipped this could impair your vision, causing dangerous dazzle from the sun or oncoming headlights. Furthermore, windscreens make up an essential part of a vehicle’s structure, helping to maintain the rigidity of the roof, something that is very important if the vehicle was to be involved in a roll-over accident.

Cracked Windscreen Caused By Chip

Legal Issues

A broken windscreen replacement or repair is highly advised as driving with a damaged windscreen could count as a motoring offence, especially if the police think that the crack in the screen is affecting your view of the road and leading you to drive dangerously.

If the crack appears within your eye-line you might receive a fixed penalty notice of a fine and three points on your licence, as this goes against The Highway Code which states that drivers should always have a full view of the road ahead and that the front-facing glass should be maintained to a reasonable standard.

Furthermore, if you were to be involved in a collision while driving with a damaged windscreen. Serious charges could be put upon you if it’s decided that the crack played a part in causing the accident.

Preventing Severely Damaged Windscreens

One of the key things is to never ignore a chip or crack on your windscreen, even if it’s very small. If you nip it in the bud, so to speak, you may catch it before it gets much worse, preventing a small defect from becoming a big problem!

It’s a good idea to have a professional repair these minor defects early on, saving you a lot of trouble down the line. Sometimes it may be possible to repair a small issue by sealing the area with an epoxy resin or an acrylic adhesive. These are products that help restore the rigidity of the glass creating a moisture-light seal to help stop the crack or chip from spreading further. Again, if you’re unsure what you’re doing, it’s much better to call in a professional rather than risk making things worse.

It’s recommended that you replace your windscreen wipers once a year. The reason for this is because a build-up of dirt and other debris increases the chances of a chip or crack forming, and windscreen wipers can be responsible for this happening. By replacing your wipers you’re reducing the harm caused by anything that has become attached to them, or anything due to their working condition.

windscreen repair

If you do find yourself with any windscreen related problems then hopefully you will have some peace of mind knowing that our glass specialists in the UK can help. It depends on your insurance policy that you have with your vehicle, but you may be able to claim back any costs brought on by the repairing of the glass.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and your windscreen, get in touch today! You can contact our friendly team by heading over to our contact page for all the details.

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