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A broken car window or windscreen can seem like a nightmare come true. One thing’s for certain – once your windscreen breaks or even starts to show signs of chipping and cracking – you’re going to need to purchase a windscreen replacement or a windscreen repair service as soon as you can. It’s a safety risk that’s going to put your life as well as others at stake.

Therefore – what should you do with broken glass in your car interior before you’re able to get it into a repair centre? If you’re quick, you won’t have to worry about shattered glass for long. However, it’s still useful to know what to do if this crisis emerges.

Before you handle any glass in your car, always wear protective gloves and eyewear. Broken glass can cause serious injuries – never take any chances, no matter how confident you feel.

Get the Shards Out

The first priority when handling broken glass is to remove all shards that have broken loose. Make sure to put on gloves that are thick and protective, and carefully take out the big pieces of glass that have broken away.

Then, you should use a car vacuum cleaner that is glass safe to make sure the smaller pieces are taken care of. Even tiny pieces of glass can do harm, meaning it is a good idea to clear them away as soon as you can.

However, rely on your windscreen repair or glass replacement team to handle any broken glass protruding from the windscreen. A professional approach will likely be the safest way to remove this type of broken glass.

Avoid Driving

It might not be easy, but a broken windscreen means you’re going to need to get off-road. You should never drive any vehicle with broken windows in any shape or form, purely for the safety risks involved.

Call someone who can take you off the road via towing, and book into a windscreen replacement or windscreen repair service as soon as you can. It is tempting to drive your car away and up to the service centre, but it’s not worth risking your health, nor anyone else’s for that matter.

Alternatively, consider calling a repair team who can attend to your premises. If the break has occurred at home, stay where you are – and call for a consultation ASAP.

When it comes to any form of glass in your car, windscreen, or otherwise, you must take safety seriously. Otherwise, you’re at risk of cuts, serious injury, or worse.

The moment you notice chips or cracks forming in your windscreen, it’s time to call in the experts. Never try and handle a broken windscreen on your own – it’s just not worth it!

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