What Will Happen if I Ignore my Cracked Windscreen?

Windscreens can suffer damage like any other part of a vehicle. Windscreen repair and maintenance is required if you do identify a chip or crack. If you’re driving with a damaged windscreen you should be aware of the safety risks, as well as the laws and regulations.

Broken windshield: is it dangerous?        

It’s generally not dangerous to have a small crack or chip and still drive, but if the chip is larger than a 2-pound coin then it would be advised to seek immediate attention. There are two main reasons why you should get your windscreen repaired these are:

  1. Windscreens are weakened by damage and they provide less protection
  2. Cracked windscreens decrease the visibility of the road

Chips and cracks can happen at any time no vehicle is immune to them. There are different levels of severity that the chips can be at, some may need to be repaired straight away whereas others can be fixed at a later date.

Will the windscreen damage get worse if I ignore it?

The answer is yes, chipped or cracked windscreens can get worse if they aren’t repaired. Any cracks have the potential to grow this could be due to lots of different reasons rocks and other debris hitting the windscreen in the same area or near the chip. Driving over potholes too quickly can also increase the ship from being a size of a pea to larger than a 2-pound coin.  Small cracks can grow… for example, it could be cold weather season and the chip may expand due to the heat on the inside of the windscreen being considerably hotter than the outside.

MOT 101  

It is advised that you do get the chip repaired prior to the MOT as its very unlikely that your vehicle will pass as roadworthy if you have a chip. It does also depend on the area that the chip is located in such as the area in front of the driver is called A-zone this is the most serious part of the windscreen element of the MOT.  Obviously, it is important that the whole windscreen is intact and is chip free but the area that is most likely to be least affected by your car having a chip during the MOT is D-zone this is in the far left-hand side of the windscreen. However, if the chip is larger than a 2-pound coin anywhere on the screen and is roughly 290mm wide there is a high chance that you will fail your MOT immediately.

Broken windshield: what to do?

The first thing to do when you have a broken windshield is to find out if it’s covered in your insurance policy. In this case, the repair or replacement is rather simple. All you need to do is book the repair or replacement with us and we’ll sort out all of the insurance paperwork and deal with them for you. If you do not have any windscreen insurance, then you’ll need to pay for the repair, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

If you have a chip or crack in your windscreen and would like to speak to us about a repair or replacement, please feel free to get in touch on 01525 375 050 or head over to our contact page.

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