Why it is important to get cracks in windscreens repaired

The windscreen is a very vital component of your car that needs to always stay in a fully operational state. We all understand the fact that we need to have our windscreens fully usable as long as we’re using our cars. Unfortunately, most of us never give a lot of weight to this fact. As a result, you’ll meet numerous cars along the road that are just being driven with the cracks on the windshield. Such drivers think that nothing much worse can happen to them just because of the seemingly small crack on their windscreen. Therefore, there’s a need for every driver to understand the fact that they need to go for windscreen repair the moment the crack is obtained. Here are the reasons why the cracks need to be repaired as quickly as possible:

1. Cracks can Grow Quickly and Become Dangerous

When you drive your car while the windscreen is cracked, the chances of the crack growing and becoming very dangerous are very high. With a crack, pressure can continuously grow on the glass which can eventually cause it to be an extremely large one very fast. If you let it continue to grow as you continue driving, it can become so large that repairing it may not be possible. If this happens, you’ll be forced to dig deeper in your pocket and have the entire windshield replaced. This can be especially very costly if you don’t have any insurance policy for your car.

2. Cracks Can Obstruct Your View

Without the ability to see the road as clearly as possible, there are very high chances that you may lose sight of the road or any road signs on your path. Cracks on the windscreen will reduce your ability to see as much you would if the windshield isn’t cracked. Since they grow as you drive with them, the obstruction of your view can only worsen. With an obstructed view, the chances of you getting into accidents with other drivers or pedestrians increase significantly.

3. Cracks are a Safety Issue

The structural integrity of the windscreen is reduced significantly if it’s cracked. However, most people don’t know about the fact that cracks compromise the integrity of their windscreens. The windscreen is a very important part of the vehicle that it stays strong structurally. So, as you continue using your vehicle without taking it for windscreen repair, the cracks grow bigger, further lowering the structural integrity. When your vehicle is structurally weak, there are a lot of safety issues it poses to you and other road users.

4. It’s quick and inexpensive

Another reason why it’s important to have your windscreen repair work done before long is the fact that it’s cheap and can be done very quickly. Since the cracks can only grow with the continued use of the vehicle, the cost of repairing it later is much higher than doing it sooner. The process of repair will also take longer than if the crack is repaired when it’s still small.

5. You may be Cited for Violating Traffic Rules

You may get ticketed for violating traffic rules if you continue driving with your cracked windscreen. It’s considered an obstruction other than the ones expected like the rear-view mirrors and sun visors among others. You could also get cited if the crack is located anywhere on your windscreen and is more than an inch in size.


Windscreen repair is vital if you want to stay safe on the road and you want other road users to be safe too. Also, the traffic rules require that any cracks on the windscreen are repaired as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

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