Why You Shouldn’t Use DIY Windscreen Repair Kits

Attempting to repair your windscreen can often be risky and dangerous. It’s not always an immediate danger however. Opting to repair your windscreen yourself instead of seeking out a professional can cause potential hazards along the road in the future. Let us consider why choosing to seek a professional is the better choice for windshield repair.

Reasons To Not Use DIY Windshield Repair Kits

There appear to be many downfalls; it’s a wonder that so many people choose to attempt self-repair. This seems even more questionable when you consider that most car insurers will repair a chipped windscreen without raising your monthly premiums. The other problem with self-repair is that once it’s done, it cannot be undone. There are no redos, and if you get it wrong, it could end up costing you a whole lot more with an entire windscreen replacement.

You can pick up repair kits reasonably cheap these days, but the problem is, they are only ever suitable for repairing the most minor of damages. Any larger windscreen cracks and a repair kit will be no good. Cracks and chips that appear near wiper blades are usually non-repairable as they are under too much pressure from the wipers and will eventually recrack. With this in mind, taking your car to be seen by a professional seems like the best option.

Fixing cracked windscreen

Why Get Professional Windshield Repair?

You will likely find that leaving your car to a professional will be much more convenient for you. Most companies can come and repair your windscreen when it suits you. That means you could have a professional working on your windscreen from the office car park while you are at work. This way, there is no interruption to your day at all, and your windscreen will be repaired, ready for you to drive home.

You might feel as though it’s simple enough to repair your windscreen, but lack of experience may prove you wrong, and you could end up costing yourself more money in the long run. Professional windscreen repair companies repair and replace windscreens every day. They know what they are doing, so why not let them do it? It only takes you to apply a little too much pressure on your windscreen, and you could have a much bigger problem than a small chip or crack. This could result in an entire windscreen replacement.

Safety First

When considering your options, you also need to think about long term safety. Are you able to accurately assess the severity of the damage? Can you guarantee that your self-repair will stand up to the harsh changing road conditions? If you get it wrong, and somewhere down the line you have an accident, the windscreen shattering could cause serious injuries. Now ask yourself… is it worth it?

It Could Affect Modern Technology in your Car

Many modern cars have an abundance of technology that depends on the windscreen to work correctly. The incorrect use of a repair kit can interrupt functions like your car’s GPS sensors, the heated windscreen function and the radio antenna. Causing damage to any of these systems means more cost for you. With all that said, choosing a professional to repair your windscreen could save you from a lot of trouble. 

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