Will A Damaged Windscreen Mean An MOT Fail?

Your car windscreen is a vital piece of kit, far more than a window or convenient shelter from the wind or rain. Small cracks grow rapidly, and minor damage can result in a significant damage if subject to further impact or shock. Due to this, there are certain forms and types of damage to your windscreen that will cause your car to fail its MOT.

For the purposes of an MOT inspection, your car windscreen is divided into two main areas. The most important for the purposes of an inspection is the area directly in front of the driver, a 290mm wide column from the top of the windscreen wiper’s arch to the bottom of the windscreen itself, and centred on the steering wheel.

While it’s technically possible to repair damage up to 40mm in diameter, some repair companies will only repair damage up to 10mm in diameter if it is located in this zone. Damage larger than 10mm within this zone will result in an MOT failure, as will damage with a diameter of more than 40mm anywhere else on your windscreen.

Significant scratching or discolouration that reduces the driver’s visibility will also cause your car to fail its MOT. Even if damage such as cracks or chips are structurally minor, if it is shallow or minute or if it has a diameter of more than 10mm in the driver zone, your car will fail.

According to industry sources, almost 9 per cent of cars failed their MOT last year due to damaged windscreens. The good news is that we here at Fleet Motorglass can repair such damage, including cracks up to 40mm in diameter. As a general rule of thumb, any damage under 40mm in diameter can be easily repaired, without the need to replace your windscreen.

Our service comes with a guarantee that your car will pass the windscreen aspect of its MOT, and should repair not be possible leaving you requiring a full replacement unit, we will even deduct the cost of the potential repair from the cost of the new windscreen.

Repairs start from as low as £29.99, and are free for drivers who have fully comprehensive insurance. If your vehicle is due in for its MOT and you are concerned about what may be nothing more than minor damage, call in today to see how we can save you time and money through a fast and efficient repair service.

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