Windscreen Repair Or Windscreen Replacement? | Chipped Windscreen

Do you have a chipped windscreen and not sure whether to replace or repair it? A few years ago, if your vehicle had a cracked windscreen that means you needed a windscreen replacement. Today, with the advanced technology, here at Fleet Motorglass, we have the expertise and the latest tools to repair as well as replace your chipped windscreen.

Small chips that lead to minor cracks can often be repaired, however, the size and position of the crack can determine if your windscreen can be repaired or need replacing. Having a clean and perfect windscreen is crucial for driving safely on the road, if you do have a chip or crack screen it’s worth checking it out with your local professional windscreen repairers.

According to recent studies, your vehicle windscreen provides up to 30% of a car’s structural strength, this may be dependent on your vehicle. A small chip can easily evolve into a crack and having it assessed and fixed before it gets worse. This will potentially save you money on replacing the whole windscreen.

Windscreen Repair

At Fleet Motorglass, we always try to repair your windscreen chip if the damaged area is small and under the legal restricted size. However, it also depends on the position of the damage whether it is repairable or not.

Windscreen repair is the cheaper option as this is not only saving you money but also the time as the professional technician can simply clean the screen and injects the resin into the damaged area then cure it with heat, so it bonds with the screen around it.

The whole process should only take about half an hour and when the screen is polished, in many cases you will not be able to see the repair.

When do I need a Windscreen Replacement?

Driving a vehicle with a chip or crack in the windscreen could be illegal according to the Road Traffic Act as the vehicle is classed as ‘in a dangerous condition’. If you are caught driving a vehicle with a chip or cracked windscreen (depends on the size and position), you could have a fixed penalty of 3 points on your driving licence and a fine.

If the damaged area on your windscreen is within the driver’s field of vision, which is known as Zone A, is larger than 10mm, you will most likely need to have the entire windscreen replaced. But the best advice is to check with the professional repairers to see if there is an option to repair your windscreen rather than replace it.

Windscreen repair

Can a Cracked Windscreen Cause an MOT failure?

A cracked windscreen can cause a failed MOT if the damage of the crack is more than 10mm in the driver’s line of vision or 40mm elsewhere in the rest of the area where the wiper blades swept across the windscreen.

According to, there are 4 zones of the windscreen areas which you need to be aware of the size of the crack that will fail your MOT test.

Zone A is the area in the middle of the steering wheel that is 290mm wide, this area has restricted damage for less than 10mm in size, if the crack is more than 10mm the entire windscreen will need to be replaced.

Zone B is the rest of the area swept by the driver’s side windscreen wiper, this area has restricted damage of about 15mm, just about the size of 5 pence.

Zone C is the swept area in front of the passenger seat, a restricted damage size is up to 25mm.

Zone D is the rest of the vehicle screen, any chips that are bigger than 40mm will have to be replaced to be road worthy.

As we all know, the windscreen is a very important part that protects the vehicle and adds to the car’s strength and safety. It keeps the drivers safe from wind, snow or rain as well as providing the drivers with visibility. Having a crack inspection is the best practice in keeping your vehicle in top tip condition in roadworthiness.

Check with your Insurance Company

Before heading to get your damaged windscreen repaired or replaced, the best thing to do is to check with your car insurer first to see if your vehicle insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement of the windscreen.

The way that insurers treat windscreen cover varies, some insurers will not charge any excess if you go with their preferred windscreen repairers or may only charge excess for windscreen replacement but other windscreen companies will charge you a fee no matter what you do.

To Repair or to Replace?

To conclude, whether to repair or replace your damaged windscreen will depend on where the damage is and the size of the chip or crack on the windscreen. For your car to be roadworthy, its best to take action towards a damaged windscreen and get it fixed before it spreads.

At Fleet Motorglass, we offer a comprehensive windscreen repair or windscreen replacement and a 3rd Party Windscreen Replacement in Bedford, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Luton, and Stevenage. Please contact us more info on other areas that we cover or simply give us a call on our free phone on 0800 232 424, our friendly and professional team are always happy to help.

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