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5 Common Causes of Windscreen Damage (And How to Prevent Them)

Discovering damage like a crack or chip in your car’s windscreen can give any driver a sinking feeling. Even small cracks can worsen over time, spreading across the width of the windscreen and obstructing visibility. Acting quickly is key to restoring clarity and safety through windscreen repair or replacement services. This guide covers everything you need to know when faced with that first cracked windshield or worrisome windscreen chip.

What Typically Causes Cracks in Windscreens?

Cracks and chips often result from road debris like stones kicking up at speed and impacting your windscreen. Hail during thunderstorms can also cause cracked windshields or dings that later crack. Even dramatic temperature shifts can damage glass. Unseen faults from minor collisions later reveal themselves through windscreen cracks emerging over time.

Evaluating Repair vs Replacement for Cracked Windscreens

Factors like crack size, location, car age and insurance coverage inform whether you should pursue windscreen repair or full replacement:

  • Small chips under 10mm towards the passenger side can often be effectively repaired, while major cracks crossing the driver’s sightline may need replacement
  • Newer cars warrant investing in windscreen replacement to uphold warranties, while economically repairing an older car’s cracked windshield may make more sense
  • Many UK motor policies cover windscreen damage with low excess payments, reducing personal costs for new windscreen replacement
  • Though repairs are cheaper initially, cracks may still spread in future, making replacements the safer long-term solution

Getting a Professional Windscreen Assessment

Rather than guessing over the severity of windscreen cracks yourself, have our fully certified windscreen technicians to evaluate the damage. The right tools and controlled environment allow the closest possible inspection of cracks and chips to determine whether windscreen repair or replacement is required. Don’t risk driving with damage that may be far worse than it appears to the amateur eye.

Driving Safely with a Cracked or Chipped Windscreen

If your car has small passenger-side chips under 10mm, not hamper vision, brief drives to seek assessments are likely fine. But extensive cracks crossing your sightline present tremendous road hazards where driving should be avoided outside emergencies. Similarly, declined visibility from worsening windshield cracks means safely towing the vehicle or arranging mobile onsite windscreen replacement. Always exercise caution when operating a car with known windscreen damage.

Convenient Mobile Windscreen Replacements

Rather than travelling to a garage with a compromised windscreen yourself, many replacement technicians can perform onsite chip repair and windshield replacement wherever your car is located. Mobile units are equipped for safe, effective windscreen repairs and new windscreen fitting, with adhesives fully curing in just a couple of hours. This facilitates fixing cracks in your timetable without vehicle transport stress.

Contact Trusted Windscreen Replacement Professionals

At the first sight of problems like small chips or cracked windshields, tap the expertise of our established windscreen repair and replacement team here at Fleet Motorglass. We can dispatch mobile units specialising in restoring optical clarity and driver safety through quick crack repairs or new windscreen fittings. 

With attentive driving and prompt care for chips and cracks, you can likely put off needing major premature windscreen replacement. But at any sign of damage, take action to proactively restore your visibility, safety and peace of mind on the road.



How long does a windscreen replacement take?

From start to finish, expect the windscreen replacement process to take 2-3 hours. Additional time is needed for the adhesive sealant to fully cure before driving the vehicle.

Can I drive with a cracked windscreen?

It’s not recommended. Only drive if the crack is very small and on the passenger side. Large, spreading cracks, especially in the driver’s line of sight, require immediate replacement and the vehicle should not be driven.

Is windscreen damage covered by insurance?

Most insurance policies include windscreen cover with excess payments. Check your policy small print for details.

Can a windscreen technician come to me?

Yes, we offer mobile replacement units that can perform the entire windscreen replacement service onsite at your home, office or wherever your vehicle is located. No need to drive into the garage or arrange towing.

How long will a windscreen repair or replacement last?

Minor chip repairs may hold up for 1-3 years before cracks spread necessitating full replacement. A new OEM factory windscreen should last for many years under normal road conditions with proper maintenance and avoidance of debris impacts.

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