5 Things You Should Know About Your Windscreen

If you ever needed a windshield replacement, you may think that it’s as easy as replacing the glass. Although you can do windscreen replacements relatively quickly, there are several aspects to the windscreen you need to take into consideration to ensure your windguard is safe and productive. If any of these details are deemed unsuitable, your car may fail its MOT.

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What is a Windscreen on a Car?

The windguard is, of course, the big glass plate that protects the driver and passengers of a car and allows the driver to see without obstruction. If there’s a chip in the windshield, it can only measure 10mm if it’s in the driver’s line of vision, 40mm elsewhere that the windshield wiper blades go over. However, any chip, no matter how small, can still contribute to a failed MOT.

What are Windscreen Pillars?

Windscreen pillars are the vertical structural supports on the car. There are A, B and C pillars along the car to support the windows. The windshield pillar is known as the A-pillar. These can obstruct views but are essential to keep the windguard safely in place. Car manufacturers are always trying to find a way to keep view obstruction by windshield pillars to a minimum without compromising the car’s structure and performance.

What is a Windscreen Demister?

A windscreen demister, defogger or defroster, will rid of the condensation and frost from the windshield. The heat blasts from the engine’s heater core. Fresh air is blown into the heater core and then onto the interior surface of the windguard. Often the air is first dehumidified by going through the air conditioning evaporator. This process makes defogging, or demisting, the windscreen faster.

What are Windscreen Wipers?

Windscreen wipers are vital. Without them, there is no way you would be able to drive in the rain. The area that windshield wiper blades cover are the essential areas that you need to clear for safe driving. Replace wiper blades regularly. If the wiper blades performance isn’t sufficient enough, or the windscreen wiper mechanism isn’t working properly, then you risk failing your MOT.

What is Windscreen Washer Fluid?

You should have sufficient windshield washer fluid in your car to move the dirt and debris that may have an effect on your vision. These come in several different types, such as de-icer, one for all the seasons, or even one to wash away the bugs. Some will need to be diluted with water first, so be sure to read the bottle properly before using. Some washer fluid you need to slightly heat before spraying onto the windshield as this is said to not only help defrost, but help with cleaning bug splatter as well.

Although it’s made to withstand the elements, you should always make sure your windscreen is clear of cracks and chips, and that the wipers are in working order as well as the blades. These will keep your line of sight free from distraction keeping you and others safe and giving less of a chance of failing your MOT.

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