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Are Windscreen Repair Kits Any Good?

A repair kit seems like the easy option when your windscreen is chipped or damaged. We researched whether they are as useful as they seem.

Windscreen repair kits seem like the perfect response to a chip in the windscreen. They are cost-effective, they promise to be quick and easy, and since windscreen repairs count as a claim on your insurance policy, they save you money. However, there is a reason why professional car windscreen repair and replacement companies exist. If it were as easy and simple as they say to repair a windscreen using a kit, then everyone would do it. Since thousands of people each year still rely on exemplary car windscreen repair services like our Leighton Buzzard branch, we can only assume they don’t work 100% of the time.

What is a Windscreen Repair Kit?

A windscreen repair kit promises to be a one-stop-shop solution for when a chip appears. The kits minimize the appearance of chips and cracks in the windscreen. They can repair the damage to one layer of glass only.

As we have previously covered, getting that chip on your windscreen repaired now will save you on costs when it becomes a full crack. Ignoring a cracked windscreen is a criminal offence, since it means you are driving in a vehicle you know is unsafe. A windscreen isn’t just a visor, it is a crucial part of the structural integrity of the vehicle. When it cracks, your vehicle is no longer sound.

What’s inside the kit?

The kit includes a resin-based formula to repair the crack. They often include application methods. The most popular kits use suction cups to hold the windscreen in place around the crack or chip. The user applies the resin formula using the suction cup device. The car then needs sunlight so that the resin will cure. Easier said than done on a rainy Sunday in Milton Keynes.

Do these kits work?

Windscreen repair kits do work, it’s just that public perception of what they do and what they were actually designed to do differ slightly. The windscreen repair kit minimizes the visibility of cracks and chips. It does not make them structurally sound again. Most of these kits work on a single layer of glass, and your windscreen has three layers.

If you want to repair the damage completely, you must choose a professional windscreen repair service to do the job. They will make your windscreen structurally normal and reduce the visibility of the chip or crack.

What to do if Your Windscreen is Damaged?

Windscreen repair and replacement is a specialist service. You should find a windscreen repair service near you if you don’t fall into our Leighton Buzzard/Milton Keynes catchment area. If you do, and your windscreen is damaged, call us now on 01525 375050. Our trusted advisors can make you aware of your options and even talk you through the process of repairing your windscreen. We can then come to your home or office and repair the damage at a time that is convenient to you. Together we can stop that chip doing damage to your vehicle. Call now to take advantage of our affordable windscreen repair rates.

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