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Most car owners do what they can to protect their car against the worst excesses of the winter weather, but then often undo that good work by leaving their vehicle exposed to the not-dissimilar risks of the summer.

Yes, the skies being bright blue and cloudless doesn’t mean your car is no longer at risk, with the sun’s sheer heat posing its own dangers. So here at Fleet Motorglass, we thought we would come up with a list of some of the things you can do to keep your car in the best condition as the temperatures edge up.

Bring your car inside

Parking your car under some kind of shelter – ideally a garage – shields it from the most intense sunlight and extremes in temperature. It’s as wise advice during the summer as it is during the winter, when the threats to your car from the surrounding climate may be much more visible.

Park in the shade

Whenever you see the chance to park your car in the shade of a large tree or building, take that chance to minimise the amount of time your vehicle spends exposed to direct sunlight. It won’t cost you a thing, takes only a bit of effort and could make a big long-term difference to your car’s long-term condition.

Shield the interior

It isn’t just the exterior of your car that could be vulnerable to sun damage – the likes of your steering wheel, dashboard and upholstery could suffer as well. This is why some especially wise vehicle owners who are unable to park their car regularly in a garage or in the shade invest in windscreen sun shades to protect their interior from the adverse effects of both heat and light.

Invest in tinted windows

Window tinting is one of our newest services here at Fleet Motorglass. It is a popular and long-awaited service, and with good reason! Not only can window tinting in Milton Keynes improve the appearance of your car and keep the sun out of your eyes while you are driving, it can also help to preserve your car interior in the best condition for longer by warding off the most intense heat and light.

Keep your tyres inflated

The often extremely hot roads during the summer months can also increase the risk of punctures, especially when your tyres aren’t properly inflated. Your tyres’ air level can also be adversely impacted by the steep temperature changes between day and night. So, take special care during the warmer months to constantly check the pressure in your tyres and make sure they are inflated to the pressure your owner’s manual specifies.

Monitor the engine belts, too

Any component of your car that is largely made from rubber is vulnerable during the summer, given how rubber expands when warm and contracts when the temperature drops. Tension being continually built up and released in this way may lead to cracks and eventually, outright breaks in your vehicle’s engine belts. While this isn’t really preventable, you should certainly be alert to any unusual engine squeaking that may be the telltale sign of belt damage, and have it quickly checked out by a professional.

Much like humans are advised to protect themselves during the summer using various common sense measures, so the same principles should apply to your car! Apply these above tips to help keep your car looking and driving without a hitch right through to autumn.

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