Should I Ignore the Crack in My Windscreen?

You’ve noticed a crack or chip in your windscreen and you can’t decide whether to just ignore it… the short answer is no. You should never ignore damage to any glass in your car, after all your windscreen acts as protection between you and the outside world. There are plenty reasons why you should never ignore a crack in your windscreen and here are just a few:


Depending on where the crack or chip is located on your windscreen it could well be an MOT failure. If the chip is in your eye line and could affect your driving or distract you it will result in a failure, if the crack is larger than 40mm this will also cause a fail.

The Dangers:

We all know that ignoring a chip or crack in your windscreen can be very hazardous particularly at this time of year when we have freezing temperatures and extreme weather conditions. Just heating your windscreen up too quickly when you’re trying to defrost it on a cold morning could cause the crack to get much bigger. Vibrations can also cause the damage to get worse, particularly if you drive down country roads or towns where there are a lot of pot holes or speed bumps.

The Expense:

If you ignore a crack and it develops into something much worse you could end up having to have your whole windscreen replaced, resulting in more cost to you. Chips and cracks that are smaller than 40mm can often simply be repaired with very little fuss and often no cost to you providing your insurance covers you windscreen repair.

Here at Fleet Motorglass we are experts when it comes to glass replacement and windscreen repairs in Borehamwood and the surrounding areas, so if you’ve spotted damage to your windscreen, don’t delay, make us your first port of call! Contact us now.

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